‘Beast will not hurt sentiments of any religion’

Beast will be an action-packed entertainer laced with humour with Vijayisms. It will be more lile a James Bond movie, says filmmaker Nelson.

After a successful debut in Kolamaavu Kokila followed by a huge hut in Doctor, Nelson is ready with Beast starring Vijay and Pooja Hegde. He will soon be helping Rajinikanth.

Speaking to News Today, he says, ‘As the trailer suggests, it’s about a RAW officer Veeraraghavan, who embarks on a mission to save hostage from a huge mall hijacked by terrorists’.

To shoot in a mall is difficult with Vijay. Fans will throng in large numbers. So we chose erect huge set near Chennai. It took several months to come up with one, he adds.

It will be a different film for Vijay. Punchlines will be there but since it happens in mall, he comes almost in same costume. Humour, action will be there.

Denying Beast is inspired by Gurkha, Nelson says, ‘Watch the movie for it will be different. Action all through and hence titled Beast. Vijay is the backbone of the film’.

There is no political messages in the film. And also we have not shown anyone from any particular religion as terrorists. It’s a movie that will be entertaining and engaging, says Nelson.

VTV Ganesh, Yogi Babu and Redin Kingsley will make us laugh loud. Pooja Hegde too played her part well, he adds.

Asked about his next with Rajnikanth, he says, ‘He appreciated me after watching Kolamaavu Kokila. Happy directing him now. But all things related to Rajini sir movie will commence once Beast is out. I am all thrilled’.