TN tightens Covid norms

Chennai: With Covid cases rising once again in at least five States, the Tamilnadu government has jumped into action.

Health Minister Ma Subramanian said, ‘Wearing a mask is mandatory. The only exception is in the imposition of fines. Everyone must wear a mask to save their lives.’

Health Secretary J Radhakrishnan has urged District Collectors to ensure Covid-19 appropriate behaviour is followed in the State.

In a circular, he pointed out to the rise in cases in Delhi where it stood at 632 on Tuesday as against a mere 82 cases on 4 April.

Not only had the test positivity rate risen in about 5 per cent from less than 1 per cent there, but neighbouring States such as Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra had also registered a rise in cases, Dr Radhakrishnan wrote.
Internationally 7.45 lakh cases of Omicron were registered in the week ending 18 April, he added.

‘At a stage when we should aim at virus suppression, it is noticed that isolated cases are still getting reported and we need to keep monitoring the trajectory of cases and also test positivity at district and sub-district levels,’ he stated.

Dr Radhakrishnan, while urging the district officials to refocus on mask-wearing in public places, crowded spaces and hospitals, added: ‘This direction of mask and Covid-19 appropriate behavior was never withdrawn and is still in place. Not following Covid-19 appropriate behaviour, crowding can compound the risk in case people come in contact with isolated positive cases’.