Takkar in a multi-genre film

Takkar is an action-packed rom-com. It will delight the audience, says actor SiddgarthmTakkar features actors Siddharth in the lead role. Divyansha, Abimanyu Singh, Yogi Babu, Munishkanth, and RJ Vigneshkanth. Karthik G Krish has written and directed the film. Vanchinathan Murugesan is the cinematographer in Takkar, while GA Gowtham is the writer. The music for the film has been composed by Nivas K Prasanna.Says Siddharth, ‘Takkar will showcase the action side of me. There are a plenty of stunts to do. Special fighters from Vietnam came and trained me. It was physically-challenging’.Karthik is director Shznhar’s assistant and it is evident in his film-making. Everything will be grand and glitzy, Siddharth adds.It has been a while since the audience watched a film that has been made in multiple genres. Takkar doesn’t have that monotonous tone to it, he remarks.