DSP Mutual Fund launches DSP Multi Asset Allocation Fund

Chennai, Sept 9: DSP Mutual Fund announced the launch of DSP Multi Asset Allocation Fund (DSP MAAF), an open-ended scheme that aims to offer investors long-term returns like what equities may offer but with added resilience against market falls.

A press release said, “DSP MAAF aims to benefit investors by diversifying their investments between asset classes like domestic equities, international stocks, debt instruments, gold ETFs, other commodities and ETF & Exchange Traded Commodity Derivatives (ETCDs), aiming to reduce overall risk.”

“The most underrated factor in investing is time. Once investors devote time, compounding follows. However, temporary price fluctuations distract most of us from staying invested. Hence, we want to offer a solution which reduces fluctuations by increasing the number of asset classes. Our multi asset fund adds global stocks, precious metals & bonds to Indian equities, thus enabling investors to take advantage of cycles of each of these and eventually stay invested in the fund for longer due to lower fluctuations as against a single asset class,” says Kalpen Parekh, MD & CEO, DSP Mutual Fund.