Drug trafficking: NCB arrests Jaffer Sadiq’s accomplice Sadha

Chennai: In a significant development in the ongoing investigation into a transnational narcotics trafficking ring, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has made a major breakthrough by apprehending a key associate of Jaffer Sadiq, the alleged mastermind behind the illicit operation.

The individual, identified as Sadha, was apprehended by NCB officials in Chennai and subsequently taken to New Delhi for further interrogation, as reported by the Daily Thanthi on Wednesday. Sadha’s arrest marks a crucial breakthrough for the NCB, as he is believed to have played a pivotal role in overseeing Sadiq’s illicit activities.

According to sources, Sadha’s detention is expected to yield valuable information about other individuals involved in the drug trafficking racket. NCB officials are hopeful that Sadha will provide vital insights into the network’s operations and help unravel the full extent of its activities.

Sadha’s arrest comes in the wake of intensified efforts by law enforcement agencies to dismantle the narcotics smuggling network orchestrated by Jaffer Sadiq and his associates. Earlier, look-out notices had been issued against Sadiq’s brothers, Salim and Mydeen, indicating a concerted effort to apprehend all individuals linked to the illicit operation.

The investigation into the drug smuggling case has revealed alarming details about the magnitude of the operation. Sadiq, along with his brothers and Sadha, is alleged to have been involved in orchestrating the shipment of 45 consignments containing pseudoephedrine to Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia over the past three years. The total quantity of drugs involved is estimated to be approximately 3,500 kg of pseudoephedrine, with a street value exceeding Rs 2,000 crores.

The apprehension of Sadha represents a significant milestone in the NCB’s efforts to combat transnational drug trafficking and dismantle organized crime syndicates operating in the region.