Vezham – ( Movie Review)

Director Sandeep Shyam’s Vezham is an intriguing revenge drama. Set in a hill station, it is about murder, revenge & some romance.

Produced by Keseven for K4 Creations, Vezham starring Ashok Selvan, Janani and Aishwarya Menon in the lead roles.

Whodunit thrillers have to be crisp to sustain some interest. Dire tir Sandeep Shyam, passes the test and manages to make it an interesting drama thanks to his writing.

Ashok (Ashok Selvan) and Leena (Iswarya Menon), are lover couples. One fine day, when they areon their way back through the hills, they are attacked.

Five years after this horrific incident, Ashok is still reeling in trauma of being the only survivor of the attack. His only purpose in life is to find the killer. But he has very little clue to trace the criminals.
Does he accomplish his mission for.s the crux.

Ashok Selvan is good, while Iswarya Menon and Janani chip in with their best. Janani and Ashok share scteen after Thegidi.

The chase, desperation to avenge killers by Ashok Selvan are brought out well. The technical crew behind the screen needs pat for their good work.

Had the writing been more tight, Vezham would have engaged you more. None the less, an interesting fare indeed.