Ganesh-Kumaresh takes part in fund raising event

Chennai : Violinist duo Ganesh-Kumaresh who are who are celebrating 50 years of their musical journey took part in the fundraiser event for Forests by Heartfulness held at the Narada Gana Sabha.A press release said that the contributions raised through this event will be donated to Forests by Heartfulness (FBH), a multi-million and multi-year plantation commitment, to plant 30 million trees by 2025.”FBH has already planted more than a million saplings at its global meditation center at Kanha Shanti Vanam near Hyderabad and many millions more outside. Ganesh and Kumaresh have been lifetime practitioners of Heartfulness meditation and are amongst the most prominent patrons of the FBH Initiative,” the release added.Kamlesh Patel, Guide of Heartfulness Meditation Worldwide said, “I am very happy to see the huge numbers of music lovers being in the cause together. It is only collective efforts that bring huge changes. I pray that more and more people take afforestation and plantation seriously to save our planet while focusing on meditation practices like Heartfulness for evolution of inner environment.”Speaking on the occasion, violinist Ganesh said, “My special reverence to Daaji who has been guiding the project with so much devotion. Forests by Heartfulness is one-of-a-kind initiative that. In such short timeframe the project has saved millions indigenous endangered plant species and still counting. Going at this pace, we are sure to make a difference under the astute guidance of Rev. Daaji. He has also given some very valuable nuggets through his new book The Wisdom Bridge and I really hope each of you reads it and benefits from it.”
Kumaresh added, “We have been associated with Forests by Heartfulness and in the process have made the baby steps to saving trees. I am glad that something of this scale can augment our efforts in the direction and secure the future of our planet.”