BJP faces scrutiny over bringing students for PM event

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) finds itself embroiled in controversy after allegations surfaced regarding the involvement of students in a road show featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Coimbatore. The incident, which occurred near Sai Baba Colony on March 18, has prompted an inquiry into potential violations of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) by the party.
Concerns were raised over the participation of students in the election rally, prompting the education department to issue notices to government-aided schools to ascertain whether students were coerced into joining the event. The move comes as the Election Commission (EC) received complaints from various political parties, leading to a formal investigation by the Coimbatore city police.
Authorities from the election department conducted an inquiry, visiting the school in question and subsequently submitting a report to the District Collector. In response to the findings, the election authorities have issued a notice to the Coimbatore unit of the BJP, seeking an explanation regarding the alleged involvement of students in the road show.
Furthermore, another private school has been served notice following similar complaints regarding the participation of its students in the event. The election department has indicated that reports from the education department and labor welfare department will be forwarded to officials in Chennai for further review and potential disciplinary action.