Rajan Eye Care marks anniversary fete with major initiatives

In celebration of its 29th anniversary, Rajan Eye Care Hospital has announced the launch of four significant projects aimed at advancing ophthalmic care and expanding its community outreach. The initiatives include the inauguration of CODE Eye Care Institute of Excellence, a state-of-the-art Myopia Clinic, the signing of an MOU with R Christian Memorial Trust, and the introduction of a Rural Outreach VAN sponsored by HELLMANN Worldwide Logistics.

CODE Eye Care Institute of Excellence
The newly launched CODE Eye Care in Chennai is set to revolutionize ophthalmic care under the guidance of renowned ophthalmologists Dr. Geetha Iyer and Dr. Bhaskar Srinivasan. CODE Eye Care also excels in artificial corneal transplants, including the MOOKP procedure and the Boston Type 1 and 2 Keratoprostheses, offering hope to patients with severe corneal blindness.

Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, CODE Eye Care aims to become a global center of excellence in cornea, ocular surface, and dry eye management.

Responding to the increasing prevalence of myopia (short-sightedness) among children due to excessive gadget use and other factors, Rajan Eye Care Hospital has introduced a specialised Myopia Clinic. This clinic, led by paediatric ophthalmologist Dr Suraj Nayak, is equipped with advanced tools like the Myopia Master to predict the progression of myopia and special glasses designed to slow its advancement.

Rajan Eye Care Hospital has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the R Christian Memorial Trust, which manages Rainbow Hospital in Karunguli. The trust is donating a corpus fund of Rs 50 lakh to the Chennai Vision Charitable Trust, the community ophthalmic wing of Rajan Eye Care Hospital. The interest generated from this fund will support free eye camps, cataract surgeries, retina surgeries, and corneal transplants in the Mathurandhagam, Karunguli, Melmaruvathur, and Uthiramerur regions.

In partnership with HELLMANN Worldwide Logistics, Rajan Eye Care Hospital has introduced an 18-seater Rural Outreach VAN. This vehicle will transport patients from villages to the base hospital for surgeries, covering seven districts in Tamilnadu and three districts in Andhra Pradesh.

MLA Dr Ezhilan, founder and executive director of Kaveri Hospital Dr Aravindan Selvaraj and Dr Mohan Rajan, Chairman and Medical Director of Rajan Eye Care Hospital
were present on the occasion.