Annamalai lashes out at DMK govt

Tamil Nadu BJP chief Annamalai asked the ruling DMK why was Palanivel Thiaga Rajan’s portfolio change from Finance to Information and Technology. The former cop suggested that the change was enforced due to the audio tapes of the minister, famously called “PTR Tapes.”
Annamalai further said that Chief Minister MK Stalin on several occasions called PTR as a “well-performing” minister, and it is unjustified if he was changed solely because of the leaked audio tapes. He added that he didn’t release the rest of the tapes as it would seem pinning all the blame on PTR. He claimed that the tape’s duration is an hour-long and dared the government to file a case against him.
He said he will not cower to the defamation suits filed by DMK leaders and will face it the court of law.