Movie that brings together footballers

Former footballers come together for a movie titled Povoma Oorgolam.

For the first time in Tamil cinema, over 20 footballers act in a movie.

It is directed by Nagraj Bai Durailingam and produced by Gajasimha Makers.

Durailingam has worked with filmmakers like Kalaprabhu, Vignesh Shivan and H Vinoth.

Prabhujith plays the hero.

He was part of films like Jagamae Thandhiram, Suttu Pidika Utharavu among others.

He is Bank rolling the movie as crowd funding project with bos friends.

Sakthi Mahendra who is a product of Balu Mahendra’s Cinema Pattarai is the heroine.

Thulasi, Sivakarthi, Suriya, Krishna are also in the cast.

Over 20 footballers who excelled in 1980s in various tournaments are also in the cast.

Says the director, ‘The movies based on real-life incident in North Chennai. It will be true and real. Audience will like it’.